1. Uterus will be enlarged and fundus is at the level of umbilicus at——-weeks of gestation.
a. 24 hours b. 16 weeks
c.32 weeks d. 20 weeks
2. Dots is related with
a. HIV infection b. Leprosy
c. Weil’s disease d. Tuberculosis
3. Hepatitis A is transmitted by,
a. Contaminated food and water b. Blood and blood products
c. Fomites d. Sexual contact
4. ———–are antipsychotics except
a. Promethazine b. Chloropromazine
c. Prochloroperazine d. Trifluroperazine

5. 1 gm of protien gives—-kcals.
a. 10 b. 7
c. 5 d.4
6. ———–is the method of transfer of heat by circulating air or liquid
a. Radiation b. Conduction
c. Convection d. Evaporation
7. This is not included in the triple test
a. Maternal serum alpha fetoprotein
b. Unconjugated oestriol
c. HCG d. Progestrone
8. Massaging the uterus to make it hard is important in
a. Traumatic PPH b. Atonic PPH
c. Subinvolution d. Inversion of uterus
9. All of the following are adventitious breath sounds except:
a. Crackles b. Rhonchi
c. Wheeze d. Fremitus

10. The apex beat can be best heard at
a. 5th intercostal space b. 3rd intercostal space
c. 7th intercostal space d. Centre of the sternum
11. The proponent of psychoanalysis theory is
a. Ivan Pavlov b. BF Skinner
c. Sigmond Freud d. Eric Bernec
12. It is an increase in depth of respiration
a. Apnoea b. Dyspnoea
c. Orthopnoea d. Hyperpnoea
13. Mitral valve is situated between
a. Right atrium and right ventricle b. Left atrium and left ventricle
c. Aorta and left ventricle d. Pulmonary artery and right ventricle
14. The normal value of Hb in females is
a. 8 to 10 gm% b. 12 – 14 gm%
c. 16 to 18 gm% d. 10-12 gm%
15. All of the following all components of glasgow coma scale except
a. Motor response b. Marital status
c. Eye opening d. Verbal response
16. Vincristine is an example of
a. Antibiotics b. Nitrogen mustard
c. Plant alkaloid d. Hormone
17. The suffix used for making an opening?
a. Otomy b. Ostomy
c. Ectomy d. Raphy
18. Mydriatics are drugs that
a. Dilate pupil b. Constrict pupil
c. Reduce intraocular pressure d. Reduce BP
19. The normal baseline FHR is between
a. 100 – 140/ml b. 80 – 100 /ml
c. 120 – 160/ml d. 160-180/ml

20. When a patient is receiving anticoagulants ,this drug is contraindicated as
a. Frusemide b. Chlorpromazine
c. Acetylsalicylic acid d. Phenytoin sodium
21. In increased ICP manifestations of cushings triad include all of the following
a. Increased systolic BP b. Bradycardia
c. Irregular respiratory pattern d. Tachycardia
22. Afler IVP for a patient, the most important nursing responsibility is
a. Assess for flank pain b. Advice to take increased oral fluids
c. Observe urine for contrast material
d. Keep nil orally for 6 hours.
23. Enlargement of the right ventricle secondary to disease of the lung, thorax or
pulmonary circulation is
a.Cachexia b. Cardiac tamponade
c. Corpulmonale d. CCF
24. Propanolol is included under
a. Beta adrenergic blockers b. Antiplatelet agents
c. Calcium channel blockers d. ACE inhibitors
25. Dumping syndrome may occur in
a. Gastrostomy b. Gastrectomy
c. Colostomy d. Pneumonectomy
26. An elevation of—-has a strong and direct association with CAD
a. LDL b. HDL
c. Serum sodium d. serum creatinine
.27. A client with dysphagia experience difficulty in
a. writing b. swallowing
c. walking d. Comprehension
28. It is most important for the nurse to observe a client with tetanus for
a. Muscular rigidity b. Respiratory tract spasm
c. Restlessness and irritation d. Spastic voluntary contraction

29. Infection which occur as a result of diagnostic procedure or treatment is called
a. Cross infection b. Iatrogenic infection
c. Contagious disease d. communicable disease
30. Third degree genital prolapse is otherwise called
a. Retroversion b. Inversion
c. procidentia d. Fibroid uterus
31. The increased calorie need during puerparium is
a. 1000 kcals b. 500 kcals
c. 300 kcals d. 800 kcals
32. Increased pulsation felt in lateral fornices of vagina in pregnancy is termed as
a. Chadwicks’ sign b. Oseander’s sign
c. Goodell’s sign d. Hegar’s sign
33. The disadvantage of ileal conduct is
a. Peristalsis greatly reduced b. Stool continuously oozes from it
c. Urine continuously drains from it d. absorption of nutrients is decreased
34. Lipid profile test consists of the following except
a. LDL b. HDL
c. Total cholestrol d. SGOT
35. The antidote for MgSO4 is
a. Calcium gluconate b. Kcl
c. Nacl d. NaHCO3
36. The causative organism for tetanus is
a. Clostridium welchie b. Clostridium tetani
c. Salmonella typhi d. Treponema pallidum
37. Angiotensin II is a
a. Vasoconstrictor b. Vasodilator
c. Bronchodilater d. Muscle relaxant
38. Tocolytics act on uterus to produce
a. Contraction b. Relaxation
c. Retraction d. Constriction
39. Increased prolactine level
a. Suppress ovulation b. Induce ovulation
c. Suppress lactation d. Induce uterine relaxation
40. A patient with CCF is getting digoxin therapy and loop diuretic inorder to prevent
complication the nurse needs to
a. Monitor serum pottasium levels b. Maintain 1/0 chart
c. Restrict intake of pottasium d. stop digoxin if heat rate is above 100
41. The normal value of RBS is
a. 60 – 80 mg b. 100 – 140 mg
c. 90 – 130 mg d. 80 – 120 mg
42. Acetabulam is the part of
a. scapula b. Humerus
c. Radius d. Femur
43. Polydipsia means excessive
a. Thirst b. Hunger
c. sweating d. peristalsis
44. After adrenelectomy for pheochromocytoma, the patient is likely to experience
a. Hyperkalaemia b. Hypokalaemia
c. Marked variation in BP d. Sodium and fluid retention
45. Following kidney transplantation, signs of rejection include
a. fever, weight loss, increased urine output and increased BP
b. fever, weight gain, increased urine output and increased BP
c. fever, weight loss, increased urine output and reduced BP
d. fever, weight gain, reduced urine outoput and increased BP
46. The quantity of fluid intake allowed for a patient with renal failure is
a. Previous day’s urine output +500ml
b. Previous day’s urine output + 100ml c. one litre
d. equal to the amount of previous day’s urine output
47. Lack of intrinsic factor in the stomach results in failure of absorption of vitamin
a. B1 b. B6
c. B2 d. B12

48. Vitamin K is essential for normal blood clotting because it promotes
a. Platelet aggregation b. lonization of blood calcium
c. Fibrinogen formation by liver d. Prothrombin formation by liver
49. The most lethal arrhythmia among the following is
a. Ventricular fibrillations b. Atrial fibrillations
c. Sinus Tachycardia d. First degree heart block
50. The higher the RBC count
a. the lesser the haematocrit b. the greater the viscosity
c. the higher the blood PH d. Immunity will be less
51. Glaucoma is characterised by the following features except
a. Increased intraocular pressure b. optic nerve atrophy
c. inflamation of cornea c. peripheral visual field loss
52. The majority of the body’s water is contained in which of the following fluid
a. interstitial b. Intracellular
c. Extracellular d. intravascular
53. In nephrotic syndrome oedema results from
a. Reduced aldosterone secretion
b. Reduced osmotic pressure caused by the loss of serum proteins
c. Increased sodium retention
d. Decreased glomerular filtration
54. The weight of the placenta at term is about
a. 750 gm b. 1500 gm
c. 500 gm d. 100 gm
55. HELLP sydrome is a complication of
a. Hepatitis b. Leukaemia
c. AIDS d. Pre-eclampsia
56. False unshakable belief exhibited by patients with psychosis is
a. Illusion b. Delusions
c. Hallucination d. Confabulation

57. Senseless repetition of same words or phrases over and over again is termed as
a. Neologism b. Echolalia
c. Perseveration d. verbigeration
58. In obstructive jaundice there will be
a. Elevated urinary urobilinogen b. clay coloured stools
c. Dark urine and stools d. fever and pruritus
59. 7th cranial nerve is
a. Glossophayngal b. Abducens
c. Facial d. Occulomotor
60. Is an auto immune disease of the neuromuscular junction characterised by fluctuating
weakness of certain skeletal muscles
a. Myasthenia Gravis b. Alzheimer’s disease
c. Scleroderma d. Dementia
61. ——–is a sexually transmitted disease
a. Gonorrhoea b. Molluscum contagiosum
c. Acne vulgaris d. Hepatitis A
62. ———is the seperation and description of previously joined wound edges.
a. contracture b. Dehiscence
c.Scarring d. Evisceration
63. First foetal movement perceived by mother
a. Lightening b. Quickening
c. Engagement d. Internal ballottement
64. In vesicular mole, which hormone is found in excess
a. FSH b.Progesterone
c. Oestrogen d. HCG
65. A woman with 2 months of amenorrhoea and a positive pregnancy test is complaining
of brown vaginal spotting, it may be suggestive of
a. Missed abortion b. Placenta previa
c. Choriocarcinoma d. Abruptioplacenta
66. ——-must be checked prior to administration of digoxin
a. Respiration b. Heart rate
c. Temperature d. Bp
67. The mental mechanism in which blaming others for our own mistake is termed
a. Projection b. Displacement
c. Sublimation d. Regression
68. Nevirapine is given in pregnancy
a. to prevent measles b. to prevent hepatitis
c. to reduce viral load in HIV infection d. to prevent Rubella
69. The most populated country in the world
a. India b. Australia
c. USA d. China
70. Which of the following is not a component of Bishop’s score
a. Cervical length b. Cervical dialations
c. Position of head d. Station of head
71. In a patient affected with HIV, the organism will be present in all of the
following except
a. Blood b. Semen
c. Vaginal secretions d. sperm
72. `——-is the largest gland in the body
a. Thyroid b. Pituitary
c. Liver d. Adrenals
73. RNTCP is related with
a. Poliomyelitis b. Tuberculosis
c. Measles d. Hepatitis
74. A side effect of ECT
a. Anorexia b. Hypotension
c. confusion for a time after treatment d. Loss of memory

75. Rickets results from deficiency of
a. Vitamin C b. Vitamin D
c. Vitamin B12. d. Vitamin K
76. Widal test is used to diagnose
a. Hepatitis b. Leptospirosis
c. Typhoid fever d. Tuberculosis
77. Circle of willis is related with circulation of
a. Heart b. Kidney c. Liver d. Brain
78. ——-must be taken in empty stomach
a. refampicin b. Ampicillin
c. Paracetamol d. INH
79. All of the following are classical features of nephrotic syndrome except
a. Hyperlipidemia b. Hypoalbuminaemia
c. Hypotension d. Proteinuria
80. Important side effect of cisplatin is
a. Bleeding tendencies b. Hypotension
c. Liver failure d. Nephrotoxicity
81. After ovulation, the ovum is viable for
a. 6 – 8 hours b. 8 – 12 hours
c. 24 – 36 hours d. 48 – 72 hours
82. Loss of power of expression of speech is
a. Aphasia b. Apraxia
c. Aplasia d. Aphonia
83. After surgical repair of a cleft lip for an infant, it is important for the nurse
a. Keeping the baby NPO b. Keeping the baby from crying
c. Place in supine position d. Give feeds by spoon
84. Chickenpox can be fatal to children who are receiving
a. Antibiotics b. Steroids
c. Anticonvulsants d. Bronchodilators
85. Congenital absence as closure of a normal body opening or tubular structure is
a. Atony b. Asthenia
c. Ataxia d. Atresia
86. The major role in the maintaining fluid balance in the body is performed by the
a. liver b. kidney
c. Lungs d. Heart
87. Excessive menstrual bleeding is
a. Menorrhagia b. Epimenorrhoea
c. polymenorrhoea d. Oligo menorrhoea
88. Antinuclear antibody (ANA) may be positive in
a. pneumonia b. Myocardial Infarction
c. Autoimmune disease d. Syphilis
89. ——— should not be given when the baby is in utero
a. oxytocin b. Ergometrine
c. Duvadilan d. Prostagladin
90. Terbutaline is
a. Antispasmodic b. Vasodilator
c. Analgesic d. Bronchodilator
91. An increase in number of cells resulting from increased cellular division is known
a. Hyperplasia b. Hypertrophy
c. Atrophy d. Dysplasia
92. There are ———- pair of cranial nerves
a. 10 b.8
c. 12 d. 14
93. The arterial blood gases of a child is deteriorating and respiratory failure is
impending, nurse first assess for
a. Cyanosis b. Bradycardia
c. Confusion d. Distended neck veins

94. Vaginal hysterectomy is usually indicated in
a. Fibroid uterus b. Prolapse with uterine disease
c. Genitourinary fistula d. Endometriosis
95. When providing care to patients with thrombocytopenia the nurse must avoid aspirin because it
a. Interfers with platelet aggregation
b. Destroy thrombocytes
c. Reduces circulation
d. Produce haemolysis
96. The nurse must assess a client experiencing execessive production of ADH for
a. Hyponatraemia b. Hypoglycaemia
c. Dysuria d. Dehydration
97. Captopril is
a. Antipyretics b. Antihypertensive
c. Diuretics d. Antipsychotic
98. The hormone that stimulates the secretion of mamary gland is
a. oxytocin b. HCG
c. prolactin d. oestrogen
99. Erythropoetin is secreted by
a. liver b. kidney
c. pancreas d. Adrenals
100. ————-is the movement of solutes from an area of greater concentration to an
area of lesser concentration
a. Diffusion b. Osmosis
c. Conduction d. Ultrafiltration

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