Diseases with specific manifestations


Diabetec ketoacidosis——————–Kussmauls breathing(Deep rapid breathing)

Duchenne’s muscular dystrophy——Gower’s sign(Use of hand to push one’s self from the floor)
GERD—————————————–Barretts esophagus(Erosion of the lower portion of the esophageal mucosa)
Hepatic encephalopathy—————-Flapping tremors

Intussusception—————————Dance Sign(Empty portion of the lower right intestine)

Lyme’s disease—————————-Bull’s eye rash(rounded rings of rash)

Meningitis———————————-Kerning’s sign(Inability to extent the leg)

Brudzinki’s sign(flexion of the                                                                    neck causes flexion of the lower extrimities)

Hydrocephalus—————————-Bossing sign(Prominent forehead)

Parkinson’s disease———————-Pill-rolling movement

Pemphigus vulgaris———————-Nikolsky’s sign(separation of epidermis)

Retinal detatchment——————–Visual floaters

Retinoblastoma-————————-Cat’s eye reflex(grayish discolouration of the pupil)

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